Mark Hoza's Kything Flutes, Australia Mark Hoza’s Kything Flutes, Australia

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Michael James Hendershot March 19, 2016 at 10:01 pm

I am my fathers oldest living son Mark… I’m taking a chance here that my existing family wouldn’t by contacting you here as there are certainly Those who have tried to stumble and disclaim what my father Lester Jennings Hendershot did again beginning in the espy 50’s in Cypress, California our homes… many interesting folks passed through our home there when he was active there until He my father was taken out… these folks selling his idea are the charlatans… his work was viable until he was once again frustrated and taken out that day inner back yard… as was his first son Lester Jr. in PA… Long story… I’m sticking My Neck out here to be shut up methinks…


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